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WILDSTAR is on like Donkey Kong!

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Earley, Jun 10, 2014.

  1. Earley

    Earley aka JuicyJones

    • HMFIC
    • Wildstar GM
    Jun 9, 2014
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    Tannhauser Gate
    Home page:

    It's getting real! We're recruiting, building up the guild, making friends, running adventures. Don't forget that everyone can invite others to the guild for now, just use the /ginvite command. Also make sure to go buy your 8% XP Buff Pots from the Renown Vendor, right next to the Guild Merchant in Illium.

    We're so busy in game we can't even get here to post. But thanks to all the new members and to everyone who registered.

    Here's a quick list of some of the new people. I'll have a new
    Aberdeen Stalker Settler
    Alternyx Warrior Soldier
    Astrelt Engineer Scientist
    Aylene Warrior Soldier
    Baggins Engineer Explorer
    Bris Spellslinger Explorer
    Canarak Esper Scientist
    Carbonize Stalker Soldier
    Crizzel Engineer Soldier
    Dayturne Stalker Explorer
    DubyusMaximus Stalker Soldier
    Earley Esper Scientist
    Fermion Engineer Settler
    Goateed Medic Soldier
    Hindsight Esper Soldier
    Incisus Stalker Scientist
    IslaRose Warrior Settler
    Ixil Esper Settler
    JukeCity Engineer Settler
    Keanureefer Engineer Soldier
    Koervus Esper Settler
    Lickity Spellslinger Settler
    Mokram Medic Settler
    Mope Warrior Soldier
    Mrwigglez Spellslinger Settler
    Pauillac Stalker Settler
    Rakthar Stalker Settler
    Rightie Esper Settler
    RnD Engineer Settler
    Rophel Stalker Explorer
    Rosemary Esper Settler
    Senaryl Engineer Settler
    Sengi Esper Soldier
    SergeantBlaze Engineer Soldier
    Sidaiaon Medic Explorer
    Stashes Spellslinger Settler
    SwizzlebuttMD Engineer Explorer
    Vicstorm Warrior Soldier
    Villiers Medic Explorer
    Vindictive Spellslinger Soldier
    WhyNotZoidberg Medic Scientist
    Zajindi Esper Scientist
    Zakhealz Medic Scientist
    Zoto Spellslinger Settler

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