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Welcome to SPACEWATER!

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Earley, Jun 10, 2014.

  1. Earley

    Earley aka JuicyJones

    • HMFIC
    • Wildstar GM
    Jun 9, 2014
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    Tannhauser Gate
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    SPACEWATER: More than just gamers

    Ten years ago, we were a bunch of friends playing World of Warcraft who just couldn't quit each other. Next thing we knew we were making major incursions into the endgames of Guild Wars (the sequel too!), Lord of the Rings Online, Age of Conan, Star Wars: the Old Republic, Warhammer: Online, The Secret World, and Neverwinter. So instead of disappearing into some huge zerg guild with a ton of rules we hate, we decided to do things properly and SPACEWATER was born.

    Somewhere along the way some of us became real-life friends, family members and pals came along and a few even fell in love and teamed up for real. SPACEWATER members love technology and gadgets, from high-tech cars and wearable computing all the way back in time to fountain pens. We have a diverse bunch with a bunch of interests and we recruit accordingly.

    MISSION: Wildstar

    When we heard about WildStar, we knew this was gonna be a big one. But when we first played WildStar, we lost our minds; we knew we’d found the next one. Between the members we have massive amounts of raid experience, and you can be sure we are organizing for Elder Game Raiding and Warplots in the main, but we are also all about providing a place for friends and family to play.

    Here's an obligatory bullet list:

    • 20 and 40 person raids
    • Warplots
    • Veteran Everything
    • Crafting
    • Home and Gardening
    • Wicked Cool Tricked Out Mounts
    • Dress-Up Dolls
    • Twitch Streaming
    • Candy

    Things are simple right now:
    Earley - Guild Master - Eli (myself)
    Keanureefer - Raid Officer- Mike
    Mister Wiggles - Recruitment - Jason
    Aberdeen - Bank Officer

    I know that we're all excited about the Raids and Adventures and Warplots and Paths and all that. We have masses of fun in store for us, and all of you are the coolest smartest MMO gamers ever. I, for one, am going to level fast and get geared up to raid as quick as I can. But Wildstar has plenty to do for everyone. You know that Ay1ene is excited because she can explornicate and read-a-mi-gumpty all over the game, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't super excited about playing some build-a-home.

    We're currently recruiting for leadership positions in PvP and Social Networking! PM me for info.

    First things first, head over and Introduce Yourself so everyone can say hello.

    The site itself has a few cool features:

    • Twitch.TV Integration
    • IRC Chat
    • Use spaces in your username if you like
    • A resource module that will let us organize our own guides and user-created content
    • A portal that will feature posts and streams and the like
    • A streaming module that will let us keep track of each others' streams
    • RSS Feeds in forums
    • Jillions of little quality of life features
    For now, it's great that we have a place to communicate and make up our minds about how we all want to play. I'll see you in game!
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