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Calling all serious crafters! Question for you :)

Discussion in 'Markets and Crafting' started by Aberdeen, Jul 9, 2014.

  1. Aberdeen

    Aberdeen Wildstar Officer

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    Jun 9, 2014
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    Ok so some of you nosy nosers (jk :p) may have been peeking in that guild bank and noticed a LOT of schematics. As I do not have a profession with dropped schematics (other than technologist which we will get to later in this post) I need all you serious business crafters to let me know what which recopies you actually hunt for and use.

    eg. Tailors: Do you search out chest pieces or pants or...? And what is the starting name of the lvl schematics you think are harder to find/more useful. Such as Doomtide vs Red vs Sandthrone

    I would like to get someone from each profession giving their feedback.

    As a technologist I was able to find almost all, if not all. Of my recopies out there. I have tried selling a few of my personal ones on the AH and they have never sold even though their prices are crazy. Has any technologist found this to be true for them as well?

    Calling all :


    Please Help :D

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